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Speech Therapy

Helping restore your ability to communicate.

The human communication system, which involves speaking, understanding speech, gestures, reading and writing, is a very unique and complex achievement.

The speech-language pathologist, a specialist in human communication, evaluates the speech and language skills of the patient, then designs and implements a program of therapy. Outpatient, as well as inpatient speech therapy, for children and adults is offered by NHC. The speech pathologist may provide consultation and therapy in homes, hospitals and schools.

Speech therapy may be necessary for victims of stroke or children with learning disabilities and speech therapy is provided for communication disorders such as: receptive and/or expressive language disorders; swallowing (dysphasia) difficulties; language disorders (learning disability, minimal brain dysfunction, mental retardation, autism, aphasia, memory problems, confusion); articulation disorders (developmental misarticulations, dysarthria, cerebral palsy, cleft palate); voice disorders (vocal abuse, laryngectomy, spastic dysphonia); fluency disorders (stuttering); and hearing impairments.

For non-speakers, sign language, communication boards or electronic devices may be used to facilitate communication.

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