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Caring in a Better Way, Day by Day

At NHC, our goal is to return each patient to the highest possible level of rehabilitation and then to return the patient home when possible. Our staff is committed to providing the finest quality of life and the finest quality of care available.

NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga is a 180 bed licensed health care facility, designed and staffed to provide skilled care, rehabilitation, intermediate care and respite care. Rehabilitative services, including physical therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and occupational therapy, are provided at the center on an outpatient basis and in the patient's home. NHC provides social services to assist a patient and a patient's family in selecting and planning the appropriate type of care. A coordinator participates in the patient's overall plan of care and offers continued support to the patient and family. For most patients, discharge planning begins immediately.
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The significance of the nursing staff goes far beyond the broad range of skills, technical expertise and specialized training they bring to NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga. Our nursing staff brings together experience from varied backgrounds to form the foundation of our multi-disciplined approach to care planning. The emphasis is on setting the stage for rehabilitative therapy through maintaining the patient's health and motivating the patient. We can help you through our various rehabilitation services. Learn more.

Residential Living is available on the NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga campus. In a convenient location with a beautiful setting near Missionary Ridge, Parkwood Retirement Apartments is a small community of neighbors and friends where you can enjoy privacy yet have all the opportunities to socialize you want.
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NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga is a supporter of The Foundation for Geriatric Education and The National Health Foundation.

Please make plans to visit NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga. You will find cheerful, attractive surroundings and a skilled staff, many of whom are long-time, dedicated members of the NHC team.

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