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Our purpose is to improve each patient's quality of life by providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and respiratory therapy. Through teamwork with your physician, we create a plan to rehabilitate and improve physical, mental and emotional health. Our goal is to return each patient to the highest level of rehabilitation and to return the patient home when possible.

Our skilled nursing care and four types of rehabilitative therapy are coordinated and delivered by a caring team of skilled therapists and dedicated support staff. At NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga, we are prepared to meet the patient's needs at each stage of the rehabilitation process.

New Biodex Balance System SD is Helping Patients Get Back on Their Feet... Faster

NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga has introduced a life-saving program for older adults: the Biodex Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program. This program can help determine who is at risk of falling by identifying "risk factors" in just a few minutes. If a patient is found to be at risk of falling, a series of suggested interventions can be offered.

"Challenging and effective", that's what patients are saying about the expanded Balance Testing and Training Program at NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga.

The program, built around the innovative Biodex Balance System SD, can be used for fall screening in older adults, as well as testing and treatment of post-surgical and neurologically impaired patients. Post-surgical patients can objectively "track" progress and speed recovery time and the program can also act as an objective evaluation of patients after an injury. The Biodex Balance System consists of a computerized platform and touch-screen control panel that measures a patient's ability to maintain balance. Results are displayed on the large color screen for instant biofeedback as well as printed for "tracking" and insurance reimbursement. The system compares your results to stored normative data or to previous tests. The Biodex Balance System SD is safe, easy and fun to use. And because it's fun, patients are encouraged to do the work. The display screen is adjusted to eye level and the large print makes it easy for the older adult population to follow along. They see their performance as it's occurring.

For more information or to schedule a Fall Risk Screening, call NHC HealthCare, Chattanooga today.

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